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We heard that our photographer, Austin Jeng, was putting together something special in Vancouver and contacted him to give us the inside scoop! What’s he planning? A regular get-together for creative people with cosplay and photography as the focus.

“AusCon is a mini workshop-hangout coming to a Vancouver location near you!
The idea is to create wonderfully eloquent photographic artwork within the cosplay community and featuring work by Austin Jeng Photography and Co. Along with a welcoming family-style potluck, AusCon is eager to showcase the unique talents and creativity that is prevalent throughout the minds of cosplayers and artists alike. From musical dances, cosplay contests, to an assortment of fun, entertainment and interesting panels!
We are currently putting together a lineup of anyone intereted in sharing or participating in our programming for our first (and most awesome) debut of AusCon 2016.” ~ Austin Jeng


MCR: So this looks really interesting! What inspired you to organize it?

AJ: I’ve always wanted to do something like this for a while. After a long hiatus from the cosplay community I am back into action and want to juice up our local community even further!!
I love taking photos and creating artwork. There shouldn’t be a reason for people to “make cosplays for cons” and then be done with it forever. I want people to have fun, to learn, to experience and share their passion for doing the things they love.
Thus; this mini workshop event is for people to gather and share their adventures, their artwork and their passions among each other.


MCR: Who is it for?

AJ: The event is for anyone! Are they interested in cosplay? They’re more than welcome to come! Veterans and newcomers are all welcome. As mentioned before; it is for everyone to have fun, talk among each other and shoot some photos!

MCR: What aspect of this event are you most excited for?

AJ: At the end of the event I hope people leave with excitement and rekindled spirit for the craft that they do. I am hoping to bring a MUA (make up artist) to talk and discuss about applying make up, give tutorial tips and even maybe a demo! For the newcomer cosplayer to meet other cosplayers and share tips on making their costumes. Of course, I hope everyone to enjoy the photos we take at the photo booth and for everyone to walk away with a day remembered.
I look forward to bringing local guests to the event and hope for people to learn something new for themselves.

MCR: What locations will AusCon be using?

AJ: We are looking to use a community center or somewhere within UBC for our event. We are looking to host 100 or so people to keep the event tidy and small.

MCR: Okay, how can interested people contact you to join?

AJ: They are more than welcome to email us at Our website is and the event will be hosted by I; Austin Jeng Photography

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