2017 Mountain Cosplay Retreat – Another Success

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Dagen's Cosplay captured by Alexandra Lee Studios
Dagen’s Cosplay captured by Alexandra Lee Studios


Wow, what a weekend. We don’t even know how to describe how incredibly fun MCR 2017 was. We had almost everyone return from last year and a lot of new faces to befriend. Our participants found new locations to shoot in and when Alex said she was bringing her underwater camera a whole new realm of possibilities was opened to us. We came back more prepared, with new toys, new costumes and fresh inspiration.

Our 2017 participants were; Dagen’s Cosplay, Alexandra Lee Studios, Royalberry Cosplay, Austen Jeng Photography, Beebichu Cosplay, The Starktorialist, Caroline Slade Photography, Jessica Cross Cosplay, Starry-Eye Maiden, Ellipses Cosplay, Undiscovered Photography, and The White Wolf Cosplay. We’d also like to give a gigantic thank you to our helpers this year; Mike, Matt, Steph, Amanda and Wesley! Our master cape flippers, smoke technicians, lighting holders, blanket warmers, and snack packers we couldn’t have achieved what we did without you.

Participants were paired up after games at dinner on Friday and planned their shoots for the next day. Saturday and Sunday were a blur of makeup, photos, hotdogs, shooting, exploring, fire-side chats, hiking, socializing and hot tubbing. We are so incredibly proud of all the models braving the cold weather and water to successfully cooperate with the photographers. We are incredibly impressed with the efforts our photographers performed to capture those shots. Everyone can’t wait to see all our efforts and hard work for unique cosplay art come to fruition.

Achievements unlocked for 2017;

  • welcomed 6 new participants
  • found the most beautiful waterfall in the area, Place Creek Falls
  • more water shoots, even underwater camera shots
  • used smoke grenades to create practical effects

Planning for 2018’s Mountain Cosplay Retreat is underway already with the dates to be announced later this summer for two locations. More of our participants finished photos will be available here when ready.

Preview Photos Below


Alexandra Lee Studios


Austin Jeng Photography


Caroline Slade Photography


Courtney Pozzolo of Undiscovered Photography


Candid and behind the scenes shots from the weekend.



White Wolf Cosplay and The Starktorialist captured by The Starktorialist


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