Q. When does registration open for next year?

A. Registration for our spring event usually opens the previous fall. Join our newsletter to be first to know.

Q. Can carpools be arranged for participants coming from the same city?

A. Yes, we will try to arrange carpool’s with other participants if needed, however we can’t guarantee this service will be successful.

Q. Who is attending? Can we see who is coming before we register?

A. Yes! As participants register they will be featured on our participant’s page.

Q. Are the photoshoot locations mandatory?

A. No, they are suggestions. You can shoot with your partner wherever you like but we will be providing a list of locations for you if you are unfamiliar with the area.


Q. How many Costumes should I bring?

A. Two at minimum, maximum is up to you!

Q. Can I make a costume just for this event?

A. Of course! You are encouraged to do so but you don’t have to.

Q. How many shoots are we doing?

A. We have two scheduled shoots that you must work with your photographer for. But there is plenty of free time to team up with a photographer and do more shoots anywhere you want.


Q. Is there electrical?

A. Yes! Photographers can charge their gear in the office or in the community hall which is kept locked at night. The office is monitored at all times.

Q. What gear should I bring?

A. Our scheduled shoots take place in the late afternoon to evening and nighttime. Be prepared for those and bring lots of batteries!

Q. I’ve never worked with cosplayers before, what should I expect?

A. Expect to be hugged all the time! Just kidding, costume artists are proud of their work and will enthusiastically work with a photographer to get that perfect shot.

Q. Who has copyrights to the photos taken at the retreat?

A. The photographer has copyrights to all photos they take at the retreat.

Q. Will models be signing model release forms?

A. Yes.


Q. Can I bring my trailer to the campsite?

A. Yes! To ensure your trailer will fit in the designated camp spots please provide the measurement of the length of the trailer to the organizer immediately upon registration. 23 foot trailers are the maximum.

Q. What are available food options?

A. There is a kitchen on grounds that makes the meals and they are conscientious of gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian restrictions. They can make anything customized for you as long as they have advanced notice. In the registration form there is an option to write down any dietary restrictions that you have. You can also view their 2016 menu here: Lakeside Grille Menu PDF