Austin Jeng

Vancouver, BC | Photographer |

I am at loss for words to describe the beauty, inspiration, passion and compassion that was present during this weekend at Mountain Cosplay Retreat 2016. Not a single beat was missed and I had such an enjoyable time out of this world. #‎firkenbirken !!!!

There was an immensive amount of magic from photographs to costumes over the weekend. You could feel the passion poured into everyone’s work. All the work that everyone helped on making happen over the weekend. There is nothing like the enjoyment of each others companionship of like minded humour, ideas and love. Meeting new people and sharing laughs and moments over and over again!!

After a long hiatus from cosplay related photography. What we created over the weekend blew everything away.

Everyone instantly became familiar with each other, we chatted, we made marshmallows catch on fire, passed wieners, and made camp fires.

We were like an unstoppable force that just wanted to keep on going despite how dried up, burnt and exhausted we were.

We had fantastic volunteers who stepped up and went above and beyond to help everyone!!

Thank you SO MUCH for the absolutely beloving weekend.

Keep your eyes peeled for more!!!

On top of that. Thank you for those that reached out to invite me to this fabulous get together retreat!