Costume participants are encouraged to bring costumes which compliment the mountainous landscape and vice versa the landscape compliments the costume. Fauns, elves, other forest creatures, monsters, shamans, witches, barbarian and savage style costumes are all accepted. Costumes from popular media which feature mountain and forest scenery, for example;  LOTR/Hobbit, The Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, WoW, Vikings, Witcher, Tomb Raider, or Halo and others of a similar aesthetic are also acceptable.


Our 2016 cosplayers created costumes from The Witcher: Wild Hunt and original Armoured Pokemon designs. Our organizer modelled her new Dragon Priest cosplay designed after Skyrim concept art and Erin from Ellipses modelled her Lara Croft costume and props. DV8 Props showed off his amazing DragonAge Varric and Cole.